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Shanghai e Mosca viste dall'alto in notturna
[Immagine: ISS030-E-188071.jpg]

Shanghai At Night: A Growing City : Image of the Day

The city of Shanghai sits along the delta banks of the Yangtze River along the eastern coast of China. The city proper is the world’s most populous city (the 2010 census counts 23 million people, including “unregistered” residents). With that many humans, the city is a tremendous sight at night. Shanghai is a key financial capital for China and the Asian Pacific region. The bright lights of the city center and the distinctive new skyscrapers that form the skyline along the Pudong district (the eastern shore of the Huangpu River, a tributary of the Yangtze that cuts through the center of Shanghai) make for spectacular night viewing both on the ground and from space.

Many of China’s cities have grown at tremendous rates, but comparison between a 2012 night time image (above, top) and 2002 day time image (above, lower) taken from the International Space Station provides an indication of how much development has occurred in the Shanghai region over the past 10 years. The official census count in 2000 was 16.4 million; the city population has increased more than 35% since that time. Much of the growth has occurred in new satellite developments like areas to the west of the city (for example, Suzhou).

Shanghai’s history is also colorful. The area started as an agricultural community more than 1,000 years ago. A trading and merchant economy developed, growing into a trading port and exporting cotton, silk, and fertilizer during the 1700s and early 1800s. Shanghai also figured prominently in the First Opium War, and became a British treaty port after the Nanjing Treaty (1842).

The city’s rapid growth and development during the 20th and 21st centuries have come at a cost. Water availability is a key concern, and groundwater withdrawal has resulted in substantial subsidence in and around the city. Because it is built only a few meters above sea level—on the banks of the deltaic estuary of the Yangtze River—curbing subsidence rates is a critical concern.

[Immagine: 638096main_image_2221_946-710.jpg]

NASA - Moscow at Night

Moscow appears at the center of this nighttime image photographed by the Expedition 30 crew aboard the International Space Station, flying at an altitude of approximately 240 miles on March 28, 2012. A solar array panel for the space station is on the left side of the frame. The view is to the north-northwest from a nadir of approximately 49.4 degrees north latitude and 42.1 degrees east longitude, about 100 miles west-northwest of Volgograd. The Aurora Borealis, airglow and daybreak frame the horizon.
C'è un confine sottile tra uno sbaglio e un colpo di genio; purtroppo dovresti essere un genio per vederlo.

Sheldon Cooper

L'Italia è ancora come la lasciai, ancora polvere sulle strade,
ancora truffe al forestiero, si presenti come vuole.
Onestà tedesca ovunque cercherai invano,
c'è vita e animazione qui, ma non ordine e disciplina;
ognuno pensa per sé, è vano, dell'altro diffida,
e i capi dello stato, pure loro, pensano solo per sé

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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